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5 Reasons the Toronto Housing Market Will Not Crash

There have been numerous rumors floating around regarding crash of Toronto’s housing market as numerous industry prognosticators are anticipating a crash. But, it is not going down anytime soon. Here are the top 5 reasons why Toronto’s housing market will not crash:

  1. For most the buyers, nothing big has changed

The Ontario Fair Housing Plan which was propelled on April 20th comprised of 16 unique methodologies to ensure that both home deals and home rentals are balanced between purchasers and merchants. The thing is, none of it will matter much for buyers that are, the individuals who live in Toronto and are purchasing Toronto lofts to live in. Verifiably low financing costs, a solid economy, and a consistent flood of new individuals and organizations moving to Toronto, are the factors which state that the housing market in Toronto is not going doing anytime soon.

  1. Foreign buyers contribute to a little portion of the market, and the level of taxes are not going to prevent them from purchasing in Toronto

Likely the most yearning piece of the Ontario Fair Housing Plan was 15 % which was imposed as tax on all the foreign buyers. At first glance it might appear like this will crash the market due to lack of foreign buyers, but in reality only a modest effect will be monitored. The latest estimation from the Toronto Real Estate Board says that 4.9% Toronto real estate buyers are foreigners. The 15% tax which is imposed may be little to less for the foreign buyers. So, the market is safe for business.

  1. The example of Vancouver

In August of a year ago, Vancouver executed the same set of standards as the Ontario Fair Housing Plan which included the 15 % tax which was imposed on foreign buyers. It unquestionably had an impact there at first, and like Toronto, Vancouver saw costs drop in real estate market. But from that point, things settled down, and now the market is steadily back to past levels with costs setting new records. Individuals who are purchasing and offering homes, Toronto lofts in Toronto are discouraged as various articles surface stating that Toronto housing market will crash, and it appears like each month there has been another article about how the Toronto housing market will crash. But such is not the case, as the example of Vancouver, the market is bound to be stabilized and progress by leaps and bounds.

  1. Buyer-friendly mortgage rates

Although the interest rates are increasing in Toronto which at first, may seem like the reason for the possible decline of the market, but the interest rates are increasing gradually. To maintain the market stability. Which will not overly burden the buyers. This could only be true if the unemployment rates were high as well. Which in Toronto’s present scenario, is not the case.

  1. The market activity- the supply and demand is steady

This is the most imperative factor here, as the absence of supply combined with a colossal interest for demand is the thing that has made the present real estate market where costs have soared. While the Ontario Fair Housing Plan has components that will expand supply, these won't be executed for quite a while, and still, at the end of the day aren't probably going to make enough supply to adjust the market. Toronto has the reliably positions as one of the best urban communities on the planet to live, so it's nothing unexpected there is such interest for buyers here. There are more individuals moving to the city consistently, and this number will keep on increasing. Unless there is any major spike in interest rates or mortgage rates and the demand is less than the supply, Toronto’s housing market is unlikely to crash.