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How to Rent an Apartment in 30 Days or Less

It is generally good to actively seek out an apartment a couple of months before you plan to take possession. Unfortunately, living situations can change in an instant and you might need to get into a new lease with only weeks to spare. If you’re going to be browsing Ulster County Rentals, here is what you can do to move in less than a month’s time. Know the market, know local real estate pricing, and get acquainted with the neighborhood realtors.

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What Do You Need?

Apartment shoppers who simply need a safe place to live can be very flexible about what they’re willing to accept. For instance, someone who needs to move out of their two-bedroom apartment and find a new place in just two or three weeks might be able to accept living in a generously sized one-bedroom. On the other hand, a family of four might not be able to transition into anything less than a three-bedroom rental. If you have to live on the first floor due to having bad knees, make your requirements apparent to yourself and your realtor. For all other preferences, ask yourself what is really something that you need versus something that you want.

What Can You Compromise On?

Speaking of necessities, there are some other areas that apartment shoppers looking to move soon are fully capable of changing their minds about. Perhaps you have always lived in a rental home that came with a balcony. Maybe you’ve collected more than a dozen houseplants that require lots of sunlight. You might feel like you need a balcony with a sliding glass door, but a rental with a skylight could also be suitable. If you can compromise on location, features, or even price, you’ll find a lot more places that you can move into in less than 30 days flat.

How Fast Can You Move?

If you want to move in 20 days but there’s an apartment that you can move into in less than two weeks, can you make it happen? For a moment, forget about even physically needing to relocate. Can you get your most recent paycheck stubs and your security deposit payment together in a couple of days? Some landlords will move fast to accommodate you, especially if they believe you’ll be a good tenant and you come with references. If you say that you need an apartment rental fast, realtors and landlords will expect you to act with urgency. So, don’t bother with making your needs known unless you are ready to submit your application and put down a security deposit right away.

Relocating always comes with stress, even if only a little. If you’ve got just weeks to find a new spot, focus on what is critical to you living in peace. Find a realtor, schedule tours, and keep looking until you are offered a lease. It is likely that you will soon run across a landlord who wants an eager tenant to take possession of an available unit as soon as possible.