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How to Close a Real Estate Lead

In the real estate industry, leads generation and conversion are indispensable part to the business. Being a real estate agent, you must be aware of several methods of generating leads. However, you might lack in converting those leads into sales. You can follow both offline and online modes to generate leads, but online modes give you a better opportunity to close a real estate lead.

Closing a real estate deal means converting leads into sales. Your leads include a number of perspectives who visit your website, fill out a form, call or send in an email to your company, and who schedule appointments. Here are the certain ways to close a real estate lead.

Ways to Close a Real Estate Lead

Improve Your Speed

If you seriously want to clinch a deal, be active. People visit sites and fill a questionnaire, but most real estate agents don’t respond in time. To cash in on an opportunity, you should immediately respond all queries of your clients. If you don’t respond sooner, your visitors will be dejected, and they will contact other agents. Some reputable agents respond queries in an hour; however, some take almost a day, and some agents don’t respond at all. The more professionalism you show, the more chances that your leads will convert to sales. So, in order to get outperform other agents, you should diligently respond all queries of visitors. Thus, improve your response speed. Immediate respond shows professionalism, and visitors will like to be in touch with professional real estate agents. So, reduce your response timings.


Once you generate leads, the second step is to make follow-up calls. This is where a reputable agent stands out and outperforms mediocre agents. Most agents stop following-up after generating a lead. You should never give up a prospect after a single contact. You should continue calling prospects. Continue to call and send in emails for a few weeks unless you think that the client is no longer interested in a deal. These follow-up calls should be eloquent. However, follow-ups don’t mean infuriating a client. They can be occupied with work, family, emergencies and other obligations. If you get a reply form a visitor that they’re stuck in something and they’ll get back to you in a week, you should stop making follow-up calls and let them to approach you. If they don’t respond you in a week, you should start following up.

Make a Follow-up Plan

Most real estate agents ignore this part. You might think that you don’t need to have a follow-up plan, but having a plan can ameliorate your business position. A follow-up plan will include all steps such as auto emails, new alerts and visitors’ response. This will give you complete information about your follow-ups. You will be able to scrutinize whether a lead will turn into a sale.

Improve Your Strategies

You should augment your strategies in order to convert your leads into sales. If you run a website, use email marketing tools to generate leads. Your website should be mobile-friendly. Nowadays most people use smart phones to browse sites instead of desktops.

Email marketing tools can help you to stay organized. Schedule a day when you have to send in emails. You can use real estate CRM as well. It will work as a personal assistant. It will capture new leads and referrals.

Real estate CRM can help you to be in contact with your ex-clients, important prospects and referrals. This enables you to work from anywhere. The app has awesome features that include contact profiles, automated reminders to call and reminders to wish their birthdays and anniversaries. This feature builds a relationship between you and your clients. Your clients will appreciate this, and they can provide you referrals. Send monthly e-newsletters. Design mobile-friendly e-newsletters. You can send in automated newsletters. Target hot leads and send newsletters. This will help to convert those leads.

Don’t Forget to Close a Real Estate Lead

Some agents don’t follow a right way to close a lead. Though, since starting you behave like a customer relationship executive, but don’t forget that ultimately, you’re a salesperson. Once you notice that there are chances that a client will clinch a deal, or they get ready for that, you don’t need to be disrespectful with them. For instance, if they generally inquire about prices of other properties, you should give them complete information though they’re not looking forward to buying that property that time. Maybe that will intrigue them in future, but if you abruptly talk to them, you will lose your hot lead.

So, if you face problems in closing a deal, follow these ways.